Turnkey - Self-Titled (Titanic, 1993)

Turnkey is pre-Christie Front Drive and that's pretty much all I know about them. This 2 song 7'' was released in 1993 on Titanic Records. The band was: Steve, Eric, Dan, and Craig.

download / last.fm

Talitha Cumi - Split 7'' With Simulcast (Custom, 1998)

Talitha Cumi was an emo/hardcore band from Gronau, Germany. They were active in the late 1990's. They released this split 7'' with Simulcast and called it quits. This was released in 1998 on Custom Records. Unfortunately I don't have the Simulcast tracks. Sorry for the crappy quality but I hope you enjoy. This record is apparently for sale on WASTED SOUNDS and Coretex, just in case anyone is interested.

download / last.fm

Waxwing - Demo Cassette (Self, 1996)

This is fucking great. I haven't listened to much of Waxwing's other releases but this tape is gold. Don't know the exact year this was recorded but they formed in 1996 so I'm guessing around then. Originally posted on Pukekos, but I want more people to have a listen.

The band was formed in 1996 after the dissolution of Lying on Loot, of which Rocky Votolato (vocals/guitar) and Rudy Gajadhar (drums) were members. The two began playing music with bassist Andrew Hartley and later recruited Rocky's younger brother Cody as a second guitarist.

The band released a self-titled 7" single for Henry's Finest Recordings before signing with Second Nature Recordings. The band released their debut full-length, For Madmen Only, in 1999 and released a follow-up in 2000, titled One for the Ride. In this time, the band's profile in the Seattle music scene had grown substantially. Rocky had released several solo albums containing material he'd written that didn't fit Waxwing's style while Cody's other band, The Blood Brothers, had gained significant popularity.

The band's 2001 release, Intervention: Collection+Remix, collected the band's numerous vinyl and compilation appearances and a handful of live and rare tracks. In 2002, the band released Nobody Can Take What Everybody Owns and toured briefly in support of the album. In early 2003, the band announced they were taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on their other projects, which now included Gajadhar's role as drummer for Gatsbys American Dream. The band officially broke up in late 2005, stating simply "we are finally calling it quits." The band played 2 farewell shows in the Seattle area in December 2005.

download / last.fm

Friends Unseen - Self-Titled (Subjugation, 1998)

Friends Unseen is some pretty cool indie rock/emo with female vocals. This two song 7" was released on Subjugation Records in 1998. Sorry, I don't have anymore info on this band. Enjoy.

download / last.fm

Scout/Freemasonry Split (Lunchbox, 1995)

This was released in 1995 on Lunchbox Records.

The following is from the Lunchbox website:

"Car Vs. Driver played with Scout more than any other band during its existence, probably because our bass player was the older brother of their drummer. They were a band that definitely needed repeat listenings and shows to fully appreciate, as their music and presentation were so dense and layered it would be difficult for the casual observer to comprehend. One thing that was nice about their recordings is that they would always provide explanations for each of their songs, which cut through a lot of the abstractness and ambiguity and gave the songs a clear, deeper meaning. So few bands actually do this, so it is nice when a band lays it out like this, and this is a band that definitely benefited from this approach. Their songs had many noisy parts where the lyrics were spoken and buried in the sound, their song titles were cryptic, their drummer did most of the singing, and their songs were usually these huge orchestrated opuses that could sometimes sound like 5 or 6 songs put together. It was an overwhelming experience to see them play, but when we would tour with them, I would get into a groove and really start getting into their music. "

"Freemasonry in my opinion was the best band that ever existed in Atlanta. I will just put it on the table right there. They took the power of a John Reis band (e.g. Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu), and combined it with the melodic elements of post-punk bands like Jawbox to make such an amazing mix of power and melody. This was a combination you got sometimes in bands like Naked Raygun, for example, but in this case sounded completely different. Sarge, the singer/guitarist had a great voice that was powerful, melodic and completely original. The dude was also one of the funniest guys I have ever met. I remember going to see them play a show in Andy Stivers’ basement, and he told me that "anything was okay in moderation" ­ yeah thanks for the tip Sarge. Bruce, the second guitarist, had a guitar sound that was unbelievable ­ especially when matched with Sarge’s guitar. Kip’s drumming might not be the most versatile out there, but it was solid and 100% Freemasonry, and was perfect for the music they played."


Bear And The Butterfly

Bear And The Butterfly came together as an experiment in musical diversity gone horribly wrong. The band played their last show on july 27th, 2005.

Punk Music

Untuk sekian kalinya kita ngomongin soal Punk. Soalnya gua personal masih bingung, apa sih makna Punk sebenarnya? Dan gimana sih perkembangan musik ini di Inonesia khususnya? Secara harfiah makna "PUNK" berarti perlawanan. Istilah ini pada awalnya muncul di Inggris. Berkembang di Amerika seiring krisis ekonomi yang menyebabkan meningkatnya angka pengangguran dan tindakan kriminalitas. Bobroknya moral pejabat saat itu, disindir oleh kaum pekerja dengan berdandan necis. Rambut Mohawk dengan cat warna menyala, sepatu boots, rantai dan spike, jaket kulit, celana jeans ketat dan baju yang lusuh.

Tahun 1970 Punk bergeser dan berteriak lebih keras, dan lahirlah sebuah genre musik. Ini ditandai oleh munculnya Band Punk seperti SEX PISTOLS, THE DAMNED, THE CLASH, BUZZCOCK, BLONDIE, JOYDIVISION, di sebuah festival yang menjadi awal era musik Punk. Sebagai mana semangat protes musik Punk biasanya dibumbui dengan bahasa sindiran kasar dan musik yang menghentak.

Sejak saat itu, musik Punk pun mulai berkembang seiring menjamurnya genre ini. ditandai dengan munculnya band Punk Rock pertama di Amerika, RAMONES. Sejak saat itu banyak musisi yang mencampur musik Punk dengan genre musik yang lain. Sepeti Blink 182 dan Green Day yang mencampur dengan budaya Pop, dan sempat mendapat kritikan sebagai genre Punk Industrial, dan melenceng dari awal musik ini diciptakan. Meski demikian, 2 band asal Amerika itu memiliki andil besar, sehingga musik Punk di terima di kaum mayoritas.

Di Indonesia sendiri tak ada catatan kapan Punk mulai menjangkit. Banyaknya band yang muncul secara indie, dan bubar sebelum banyak dikenal membuat tak ada catatan, siapa band Punk pertama yang benar-benar Made In Indonesia. Yang pasti, seperti Green Day dan Blink 182, Superman is Dead dan kawan-kawan mampu mengangkat kasta musik Punk menjadi musik mayoritas di negeri tercinta ini.

Tak hanya musik, berbekal moto DIY (do it yourself), Komunitas Punk di Indonesia memberikan semangat perlawanan dengan munsulnya Distro yang merupakan sindiran atas sikap konsumenisme anak muda yang gandrung dengan Levi's, Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein dan sebagainya. (Radil/Berbagai Sumber) YAY!

JOE SATRIANI sang Profesor Guitar yang Funky

Bila dibandingkan dengan album-album sebelumnya, yang satu ini punya judul yang cukup aneh. PROFESSOR SATCHAFUNKILUS AND THE MUSTERION OF ROCK adalah solo album Joe Satriani yang ke-18. Ternyata Joe Satriani yang sudah malang melintang sekitar 30 tahun di dunia musik rock masih layak disebut Guitar Master. Album yang dirilis April 2008 lalu ini masih kental dengan gayanya seperti pada album-album sebelumnya.

Album dibuka dengan Musterion yang up-beat dan sepintas terdengar seperti lagu Belly Dancer atau Oriental Melody di album STRANGE BEAUTIFULL MUSIC.

Walaupun tak sebagus Funk, lagu ke-4 berjudul Professor Satchafunkilus yang groovy cukup membuat badan bergoyang. Seperti biasa, Joe selalu menyisipkan satu slow love song, Come On Baby yang terdengar manis dan mendayu-dayu didukung range stereo luas.

Sebagai penutup kita disuguhi gitar akustik Joe pada intro lagu Andalusia yang mengalir mulus diikuti versi full band lagu ini. Joe Satriani masih menyuguhkan melodi-melodi cantik yang ia mainkan di minor scale namun sayangnya pola rhytm yang cenderung monoton masih belum hilang dari album-album Joe Satriani. YAY!

Superstar/Pony Boy Curtis Split (Jive Turkey, 1997)

This split was released in late May of 1997 on Jive Turkey Records.

Superstar was: Charles, Jeremy, Kip, and Matthew

Pony Boy Curtis was: James, Andrew, and Kip

"Pony Boy Curtis was an emo-punk band with ex-members of Superstar and Mister Oatmeal. In my opinion, they were stylistically closer to Superstar than the textbook-emo of Pinewood Derby, Kip's previous band. Their songs were multilayered and complex, but still sounded angry to me, if you will. Great Stuff! Unfortunately, they broke up before their split 7'' was even released. Kip moved to Knoxville shortly thereafter, and is now in The Red Scare."

Bio taken from: http://tinyurl.com/l583qt

If anyone has the Pony Boy Curtis demo, let me know!


The Sky By Sorella - Self-Titled (Inchworm, 1996)

I have absolutely no info on this band except it features members of Ordination Of Aaron. This record was released in 1996 on Inchworm Records. Thanks to rory46 for sending this my way. If you have info on this band please leave a comment. Enjoy!

/ last.fm
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